All Star Signs Unstoppable with the HP Latex 360 Printer

All Star Signs enjoys faster production with HP Latex printers: compared to its solvent equipment the HP Latex printers offer greater versatility, speed and quality.

All Star Signs wanted to replace its existing solvent printer with a more up-to-date device that could produce better quality prints more quickly. After visiting the Signworld convention, All Star Signs decided to take on the HP Latex 360 Printer on a pre-launch (beta) trial basis. 

The results? The new HP Latex 360 Printer produces prints at three times the speed, and removes the need for outgassing, meaning they can be handled straight off the printer, saving more time. The prints are sharper, colors are more vibrant, and lower ink usage helps reduce running costs. Finally, the HP Latex 300 Series Printer can print to a vast range of media for the ultimate in versatility. In short, it was a perfect fit. 

"The HP Latex 360 Printer is an absolute joy! It produces superior print quality three times faster than our old device across a huge variety of media. It has transformed how we work and increased our productivity."
-- George Beitner, owner and founder, All Star Signs, Inc

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