ASAP UK Replaces Eco-solvent with the HP Latex 360 Printer

ASAP UK replace eco-solvent with HP Latex Printing Technologies: With the HP Latex 360 Printer ASAP UK offer customers superior performance and fast response times.

"We have significantly boosted our service level with HP Latex Printing Technologies, we can offer higher image quality when needed, and we can create a range of premium applications such as soft signage that customers increasingly value."
-- Jason Terry, managing director, ASAP UK 

-  Drastically reduce turnaround for durable output by eliminating outgassing processes and explore new markets for premium applications such as printed decorations and furnishings.

-  HP Latex 360 Printer with water-based HP Latex Inks for vehicle wraps, high image-quality outdoor signage and indoor applications. 

-  30 percent faster print speed than eco-solvent printer for comparable image quality boosts business capacity and shortens turnaround. 
-  Saving days with lamination/finishing straight off the printer compared to minimum 36-hour eco-solvent print outgassing for vehicle wraps. 
-  HP Latex Printing Technologies environmental credentials and safety certifications offer opportunity to reduce hazards in the workplace and costs related to additional air-extraction equipment.

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