UnPodcast Episode 29:Why Your Videos Don't Go Viral

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about videos, what makes or keeps them from going viral, crazy headlines and why they work, and what people look at to decide whether or not a video is worth watching. We also discussed the good and the bad of self-checkout registers, and the real value of retail spaces.

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Other topics include:

Why people don't share your videos [00:04:46.15]
How the view count on a video determines whether or not people watch it [00:08:45.17]
Crazy stupid headlines that work [00:10:09.04]
Whether or not you should host your videos on YouTube [00:10:45.16]
How to properly weight the number of video views [00:12:44.25]
The problem with people setting goals [00:13:01.12]
Why you should uncheck "recommended videos" on YouTube [00:13:44.22]
What matters more than views on your videos [00:14:40.19]
The second thing people look at after the number of views[00:15:40.16]
The problem with self-checkout [00:17:18.04]
The real asset of retail space [00:27:41.19]
Whether or not people assests or overhead [00:31:58.28]