Karim Rashid: the secrets of industrial design with HP Latex Printing Technology

Karim Rashid's industrial design and interior décor practice has been using HP Latex Technologies for several years, but has recently installed an HP Latex 260 Printer for printing samples and final copies of wallpapers, textiles, graphics and other applications.

"We use the HP Latex printer every day as a design tool, and the better tools we have, the better our work can be. Having the printer makes you want to use it, encouraging us to be creative."
-- Karim Rashid, Karim Rashid Inc.

• Karim Rashid's industrial design practice encompasses graphics, interior décor, architectural design, and furniture design; as such, the studio needs to respond to a wide range of customer requests for products and samples.
• The studio required a fast, easy-to-use method of producing designs for graphics, fabric and furnishings that could handle the growing trend for increased levels of decoration.
• The company wanted in-house large-format printing capabilities that met its requirements, was easy-to-use, versatile, productive and suitable for an office environment.

• Having outsourced HP Latex Ink printing for many years, Karim Rashid installed an HP Latex 260 Printer in his studio.
• A wide variety of substrates can be printed quickly, enabling an accelerated design process while printing on a one-to-one scale.
• Odor-free prints make production and display of work in the office environment possible while unsupervised over-night printing enables additional design time and for deadlines to be met.

• Karim Rashid and his team are able to have immediate results, often on final substrates, and can present customers with designs that are closer to the final product than ever before.
• The immediacy of the results enables more design iterations than previously possible and fosters creativity.
• HP Latex Printing Technologies have enabled a more streamlined way of responding to the design trend for increased decoration of wallpapers, carpets, curtains, furniture and even specialty fashion and architectural features.