Catch Spencer Powell at the 2014 Annual Conference

Spencer Powell of TMR Direct will be sharing his insights and knowledge with the 2014 Annual Conference attendees during three different sessions.

Truth from the Trenches in Print -- Mail -- Fulfillment
Join this diverse panel of companies as they share their successes and the struggles in this new marketing world. Here they will highlight real examples of what they have learned and what they would do differently if they had the chance. The panel will focus on the emerging trends they see coming and how they are preparing.

Using Inbound Marketing to Grow Your Business
Learn the phases of Inbound Marketing: from building website traffic, to converting leads and customers, and the all-important analytics.  Once you learn and implement the basics for your company, learn how to provide this service as a new revenue stream.

Family Business Panel: Succession Planning
You've built a successful business and are nearing the golden age of retirement. Passing the business down in the family should be an easy process . . .but is it? Come hear experts Mark Hahn and Mitch Evans discuss the finer points of business succession planning with a panel of family business members who have been through, or are preparing for, the succession process.