2014 Annual Conference: Replace Your Sales Force and Finding and Hiring the Right People

Replace Your Sales Force:
Do you have an aging sales force? Having trouble finding replacements and building your next sales team? You are not alone. This session will explore all things sales rep:  What skills are needed; how the role has changed; new compensation models, and more. Join this team of experts as they help you discover the new rules of sales success.

Finding and Hiring the Right People:
Building on information presented in the General Session, John and Bill will dive deeper into the matter of finding and keeping the right people. This interactive session will give participants a better understanding of how to screen, evaluate, and manage potential hires and existing staff, moderate an exchange on compensation practices, and explore the best avenues for finding the best salespeople. In this follow up session to the Keynote on profiling a salesperson, John and Bill will dive deep into how to find the right people for job of servicing and selling your services, how to compensate them.