UnPodcast Episode 32: Vaping: How E-cigarettes Relate to Marketing

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about E-cigarette etiquette and how in spite of the fact that E-Cigarettes aren't yet highly regulated, common sense thinking reveals when it's rude to vape. We also discussed business and HR considerations when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

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Other topics include:

A problem with most hotels[00:03:37.10]
What I haven't done in seven months [00:04:41.08]
How people are screwing up the use of e-cigarettes [00:05:17.10]
The behavior of a vendor that shocked me [00:05:41.06]
What caught me off guard in the middle of a keynote presentation [00:06:37.05]
The difference between whether you can or should do something [00:07:43.21]
Similarities between cell phones and e-cigarettes [00:09:34.08]
E-cigarettes at the workplace [00:11:07.12]
The difference between education and entitlement [00:12:33.23]
Why e-cigarettes being harmless doesn't matter [00:13:20.26]
A common sense approach to e-cigarettes [00:15:31.05]
Why e-cigarettes don't need to be regulated in the same was a real cigarettes [00:18:24.15]
The hardest thing I ever had to do when working in HR [00:19:38.08]
Considerations with nicotine gum [00:21:25.22]
The plain and simple job of business and HR [00:23:24.28]
Why some states are banning e-cigarettes [00:26:07.09]