2014 Annual Conference Keynote: The Trust Edge: What Top Leaders Have

Trust is a fundamental, bottom line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and organizations lose reputation, retention of good people, relationships and revenue. But with trust, individuals and organizations enjoy greater creativity, productivity, freedom, and results.
Through academic research and first-hand experience, David Horsager has learned what it takes to gain -- and keep -- The Trust Edge.  Attendees will walk away with concrete steps they can immediately use to improve their lives and careers.
The 8 pillars of the most successful leaders and organizations.
The 3 ways to build connection.
What top leaders and organizations have & how you can enjoy it yourself.
Keys to build morale, sales, and customer loyalty.
How to never have a day where you say, "I didn't get anything done."
The greatest need for a motivated staff and how to fill it.
How to boost daily productivity by using DMA's (Difference Making Actions).
How to create a 90 Day Quick Plan.