UnPodcast Episode 34: Publicity that Can't be Bought

On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about the good publicity that a company got that came about not as a result of buying it or manipulating it, but because they were genuinely awesome. We also talked about the ethical aspects of taking advantage of the situation when a company makes an honest pricing mistake, and then being upset and bad-mouthing the company when refunds were given.

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Other topics include:

[00:01:49.28] The New Moron Mountain
[00:06:09.07] The surprising reason someone wouldn't share my video with his boss
[00:10:27.13] The story of the day
[00:12:50.26] Why being awesome is not a campaign
[00:13:48.04] How Under Armour got on my radar
[00:14:31.14] Why you don't need courses on storytelling
[00:14:42.09] Why our focus shouldn't be on putting out fires
[00:15:31.00] The importance of saying thanks
[00:16:16.28] Why the key to viral isn't spread
[00:17:26.10] When it's important to add your logo to an image
[00:18:59.06] When differentiating your brand comes in
[00:20:10.13] Something that happened on the Internet that upset me
[00:20:45.10] The meaning of social extortion
[00:24:03.05] The actions of people already upset with a brand
[00:28:05.12] This embarrassed me
[00:29:15.09] What grows brand defenders
[00:30:23.08] Why you can't take one brand's good deed to guilt another brand
[00:32:29.12] Why some brands can't stand Twitter
[00:32:54.05] What happens once you compromise integrity