Keiger & Salem College Testimonial on Viewbook App by iMirus

Six years ago the Salem College Admission's office realized that the traditional way of recruiting students to campus needed to evolve to keep up with the tech-savvy, social media driven, smartphone-using students of today. With the help of Salem alumna and cross-media designer Carrie Leigh Dickey, Keiger was able to implement a cross-media campaign to better suit the needs and interests of the current generation. Since the first cross-media campaign was launched for the admission's office in 2009, Salem's enrollment numbers have continued to rise producing some of the highest enrollment numbers to be seen in years.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing technology and to forge into something that Salem had not yet tried, Keiger called upon its partners of TouchPoint Alliance (TPA). TPA consists of a group of industry leaders who all work together to bring higher levels of sophisticated marketing and personalized content to its clients; results that would be hard for one company to achieve on its own. With the help of TPA partner, iMirus, Keiger was able to add a Digital Viewbook App to Salem's cross-media campaign, helping to not only increase visibility among their preferred demographic, but also creating something exciting for Salem to share.

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