UnPodcast Episode 35:Nonprofit Fundraising

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked all about nonprofit fundraising. I told a story about an experience I had that prompted me to immediately pull out my cell phone and donate not just once, but to also set up a recurring donation. We  also discussed the importance of making it easy for people to donate, and how not to raise money for nonprofits.

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Other topics include:

[00:01:05.12] The worst part about tape masks
[00:02:52.12] A connection with an old friend
[00:04:12.27] One way I never give to charities
[00:05:50.27] A highly scalable, low-cost way for nonprofits to solicit funds
[00:10:08.09] The importance of making it easy for people to donate
[00:10:58.25] The need to spend money to raise money
[00:15:32.00] Tim Hortons Recreates Original Hamilton Store -- in Toronto
[00:19:58.14] Something that I find insulting
[00:25:14.27] My most retweeted Tweet
[00:26:20.21] A documentary that was so bad it prompted me to write a review