How to print the expected on backlit substrates - with Dorin Pitigoi

Learn about colour reproduction for lightboxes and their different states (light on/off, day/night viewing conditions) in this session from the FESPA Digital 2014 Sign Hub, with Colour and Standardisation Expert Dorin Pitigoi.

From more conventional based applications on backlit film or PVC to more demanding niche stained glass decorative application, the challenge of printing the expected is appraised thru colour vividness and richness, strong contrast and dynamic range. Measuring such printing combination it is not always facile and sometime requires workarounds to obtain meaningful visual correlated measurement data. This tutorial is arm to provide some guidelines and tips for measuring, profiling and displaying such application on several types of substrates (backlit film/PVC/textile/self-adhesive film/glass/) using several printing technologies (latex, water-based, solvent, UV, dye sublimation) and the state of their display (light on/off).

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