UnPodcast Episode 37: How to Reach Out to Influencers Without Being Ignored

On this episode of the UnPodcast we talked about both right and wrong ways to reach out to influencers. Most people giving out advice for how to do this are PR companies, rather than influencers themselves, so we took this opportunity to talk about what it looks like on our end. We shared examples of people who have reached out to us in wrong ways, and also gave examples of those who reached out to us in ways that motivated us to do what we could to help them.

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Other topics include:

[00:01:01.27] Improv everywhere -- great documentary
[00:03:28.27] Apple store in Grand Central Station
[00:07:52.11] The wrong way to reach out to influencers
[00:11:52.04] What not to do the first time you send a message to someone
[00:14:29.28] My response to an inappropriate message I received on LinkedIn
[00:17:46.13] The one of two things that every single spam response says
[00:20:06.25] What I beg of you, my listeners
[00:21:30.29] Right ways to reach out to influencers
[00:21:50.22] The importance of reaching out to influencers in a personal and creative way
[00:30:51.28] How corporations can reach out to influencers
[00:33:55.09] The problem with prewritten tweets
[00:34:54.00] What causes none of the rest of this to matter