Graph Expo 14 - How to Get YOUR Message Into the Mailbox with Leo Raymond

Graph Expo 14 - How to Get YOUR Message Into the Mailbox with Leo Raymond.  Marketers and designers focus on making the appearance and content of a mailpiece attractive to recipients because response rates drive marketing decisions. But gaining the intended response from readers is only part of the task—getting into their hands is just as important. Often, designers and creative teams overlook details relevant to postal rules and the acceptance of mailpieces by the Postal Service. Innocent mistakes -- in the name of creativity or lifting response -- can make a mailpiece unacceptable, subject to higher rates, or even not mailable.  A basic understanding of mailing standards is essential to avoid problems "down the line." Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of artistic license that run afoul of postal rules.
You will learn:

Basic mail classification
Basic rate eligibility rules
Definitions of terms in postal jargon
Fundamental rules about the front of a mailpiece
How mail is examined and accepted
Who to know and how to resolve issues
Where to find information and support when dealing with the USPS
Who should attend: Marketing and client service managers at printing, mailing, and fulfillment companies; Sales managers at companies now or about to be in the mailing business; Designers, campaign managers, and graphic artists producing mailpieces