HP Designjet and a new exciting project: the "Fabee City Car1"

HP Designjet has teamed up with Fab Lab Barcelona on an exciting new project: the "Fabee City Car1". The Fab Lab Barcelona council and HP Designjet joined forces with Open Source Vehicle and three other Fab Labs: Garage Fab Lab (Sao Paulo, Brasil), FabCafe Tokyo, and Fab Lab Manchester to develop a proposal for an open source vehicle called the "Fabee City Car". For the last 3 months, each lab has been working remotely on different components of the car.

HP Designjet printers have worked as part of the teams, during the design process improving workflows with fast, trustable and intuitive web connected printing. HP Designjet is sponsoring the Fabee City Car exhibit at the Fab10 conference and showcasing a video of the project's process and final results. Printed materials related to the Fabee City Car—from the design process to the final exhibit—have been produced using HP Designjet printers.