UnPodcast Ep 39: The Best Way to Upset and Insult Loyal Customers

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we covered two primary topics: loyalty programs, and restaurant tipping. Among other things we discussed what businesses REALLY need to do to increase customer loyalty and when loyalty programs backfire and leave a bad taste in the mouth of customers. We also talked about an inappropriate response from one restaurant to a tip that consisted of $5 worth of change in a baggie. 

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Other topics include:

[00:05:56.10]How StubHub reward codes work

[00:06:30.05]What StubHub did that turned me from a fan into a critic 

[00:14:31.28]The hierarchy of what's most important in a business

[00:17:31.18] How companies keep you from using your loyalty rewards

[00:17:45.22]The entire point of coupon redemption and rebates

[00:19:04.22]Why some people don't use loyalty cards

[00:21:21.02]The middle ground when it comes to loyalty programs

[00:22:29.02]Another thing that drives people to shop online rather than going to brick and mortar stores

[00:23:32.06]The pressure to say yes when asked to donate to a worthy cause when checking out

[00:26:16.03]Whether or not a little bit of guilt is worth the money that is raised as a result of it