How Tobe Direct grew its direct mail business 15% with the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

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Tobe Direct grows direct mail business by 15 percent thanks to the B2 format and offset quality off the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

• Design oversized format direct mail to create eye-catching marketing campaigns.
• Exploit automated processes of digital presses to create offset quality direct mail with high levels of personalization.
• Eliminate complex, two-step printing process for personalized direct mail using conventional offset plus roll-fed laser printing.
• Offer programs with offline–online marketing mix to maximize campaign reach.
• Deliver print on demand, one-to-one marketing campaigns through web-based platforms.

• Direct mail in large B2 format with offset quality HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press.
• HP Indigo ElectroInks print on specialty substrates to create innovative products.
• Web-to-print and variable data printing (VDP) capabilities extend one-to-one marketing reach and offer offline-online marketing mix.

• B2 format offset-quality products produced on the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press attracted 30 new customers that generated revenue worth 15 percent of business.
• Digital outsourcing reduced from 80 percent to 5 percent within 18 months.
• Large 21” x 29” sheet size offers 2.5 to three times the productivity, plus over 30 percent more gain when using Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).
• Web-to-print platform offers cost effective print on demand of even a single direct mail for one-to-one marketing campaigns.
• VDP offers greater customer engagement and conversion for offline-online campaigns with URLs, QR codes, and barcodes printed on direct mail.