Why Be’eri Printers moved up to 90% of its transpromo and direct mail jobs to HP Inkjet Web Presses

Be’eri Printers continues to lead in transpromo printing innovation and efficiency with the help of HP Inkjet Web Presses

• Improve efficiency, flexibility and print quality of high-volume transpromo production to meet increasingly tough customer expectations for faster turnaround with high quality.
• Adopt new technology to support evolving market toward use of PDF files.

• Be’eri Printers purchased an HP T200 Color Inkjet Web Press and soon after added an HP T230 Color Inkjet Web Press, replacing outdated inkjet printing technology.
• HP Bonding Agent and media treated with ColorPRO Technology enable Be’eri Printers to achieve high quality printed results on cost-effective papers, leading to significantly reduced inventory requirements.

• Having moved about 90 percent of its transpromo and direct mail work to the HP Inkjet Web Presses, Be’eri Printers no longer needs to preprint offset shells, saving significant time, hassle, waste, and manpower.
• Multiple small files are now routinely combined and printed as a single large print file, dramatically reducing time, wastage and operational complexity.
• Be’eri Printers has cut costs significantly across multiple parameters, including reductions of over 50 percent in paper waste, 30 percent in paper inventory level, and 25 percent in printing department manpower.
• One HP press delivered uptime of up  to 87 percent across the monthlong financial mailings season, enabling Be’eri Printers to meet its commitments with ease.

Learn more about HP Inkjet Web Presses here: http://budurl.com/InkjetWebPress