Kubin Nicholson

Modern Marketing & Advertising Hits

Today’s consumers are inundated on a daily basis with a barrage of messages in every part of their waking life. Between the sheer numbers of competitors in the industry and the myriad channels to communicate through, advertisers more often than not find their messages lost in the ether. In order to make a dent, marketers have had to seriously step up their game to ensure their ads are both on the mark and make big impressions. This is especially true for large-scale advertising, as the costs involved in producing billboards, building posters and other goliath-sized pieces can be potentially high. In a space where bigger is not only better, but necessary, you need to be strategic and get it right the first time. When executed correctly, large-scale ads can produce awe-inspiring reactions. When the campaigns fizzle, it can be heard the world-over.